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My Way (Part 2)

Giannis Palamidas started his career in the 70s. His first recording is the Apocalypsis first album of 1979. His voice and eccentric live shows gain him a reputation as a performer and in 1981 he participates in composer’s Lena Platonos debut album Sabotage. The album is considered one of the masterpieces of Greek (let’s say electronic-pop) music and marks the beginning of a lasting collaboration between Lena Platonos, Giannis Palamidas and Savina Giannatou (another great artist, female singer).

Ptisi 201 (Flight 201) from Sabotage

In 1986 Palamidas releases his first solo album with his own songs. Cineromantza (Cine romances) is an electronic-pop album which remains underestimated and unknown. The lyrics are in Greek as in all his recordings to date with the exception of the first Apocalypsis album which has English lyrics.

Otan I Gi tha Ekragei (By the Time the Earth will Explode) from Cineromantza
In 1989 he continues his successful collaboration with Lena Platonos in her album To Spasimo ton Pagon (The Breaking of Ice). The album, although of very high standards (one of my personal favorites), remains among the least known albums of the composer and singer.

Pote de se Eida (I Never Saw You) from To Spasimo ton Pagon

Giannis Palamidas continues his musical journey contributing to composer’s Dimitris Marangopoulos album Maria Dolores Parelthon (Parelthon = Past) where he shares the tracks with Savina Giannatou one more time. This is another very good album with great orchestration and lyrics. Both this record and the previous one were released in Manos Hatzidakis’ label, Sirius.

Paul Gauguin from Maria Dolores Parelthon

In 1992 he contributes to Panagiotis Margaris album Stis Nyhtas to Fos (In the Light of the Night) where he shares the tracks with Athina Karataraki. This one is perhaps the most unknown album among his discography. Margaris is a classic guitar virtuoso (I think this is his first recording but I’m not sure). Palamidas also contributes with some lyrics.

Kanenas (Nobody) from Stis Nyhtas to Fos

By the end of the 90s and after participating (he sings one track) in Dionysis Tsaknis album To Fantasma apo to Parelthon (Ghost form the Past), he forms a short lived group named NE and releases their only album in 1998 called To Paihnidi tis Siopis (The Game of Silence). With this project he returns to electronic forms. The song with the same name receives some airplay but it is with his next work that Palamidas has a hit. It is his contribution to Konstantinos B album Angel Baby (2001) where he sings Tyhero Asteri (Lucky Star).This love song has been covered by various artists since then.

Tyhero Asteri from Angel Baby

Seven years later he contributes to Lena Platonos new album Imerologia (Diaries), singing one track and in the same year he releases his second solo album after Cineromantza. Doritis Somatos (Body Donor) is a collection of new songs together with some new versions of songs from Cineromantza and To Paihnidi tis Siopis (NE).
In 2010 he participates in 2 albums by Lena Platonos: the live recording Live in Palas and the new Lena Platonos album Kavafis where he interprets 13 poems of the famous poet.

I Lathos Agapi (Wrong Love) live with Lena Platonos

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