Sunday, September 30, 2012

Electricity - Part 2

In Trance 95 is one of the best Greek electro bands. The duo (Alex Machairas, Nik Veliotis) was formed in Athens in 1988. The band had a few EPs released during late 80s until their first full album, Code Of Obsession (The Trance Dance Alternatives Vol. 1) was released in 1990.
A few EPs followed until the band underwent some changes,split and reformed back in 2010 when they opened for Recoil live in Athens. New York label Minimal Wave has released a compilation of In Trance 95 featuring early demos re-edited and also prepares for a new release with new material from the group.

In Trance 95 - Desire to Desire (from their debut single Desire to Desire/Brazilia, 1988)

Stereo Nova (Konstantinos Beta, Mikael Delta and Antonis P) were formed in Athens by late 80s and remained active until late 90s. With their second album (Discolata, 1993) they managed to take their music to a wider audience and from then on became the most successful local electro band. They released 7 albums and several singles and experimented with techno, house, ambient and drum n base.

Stereo Nova – TV O (from Telson, 1996)

Mikael Delta, founding member of Stereo Nova, followed a very interesting and successful, international solo career after Stereo Nova split.
Since 1999 he has released 11 solo albums, has written several scores for films and the theater.

Mikael Delta - Forever you said (from Deep Inside album, 2004)

Keep Shelly in Athens (RΠЯ, Sarah P)is the duo from Athens which, with only 4 songs released on MySpace, made it to make a worldwide buzz through the net.
Their music is often describe as “chillwave”.
After a couple of unofficial EP releases the band released their first official double EP In Love with Dust – Our Own Dream in 2012.

Keep Shelly in Athens - Our Own Dream (from double EP In Love with Dust - Our Own Dream, 2012)

Sundayman aka Kyriakos Moustakas, born in Athens, is a composer and producer active in discography since 1999. Under the name Sundayman he has released 2 albums, Outerland (2009) and Retronome (2012). His downtempo electronica is influenced by Kraftwerk, New Order, Pink Floyd, Vangelis and this shows (in a very positive way) not only in his first album which is a collection of 10 years work, but mainly in Retronome where the above influences seem so well digested into a personal, distinctive sound.

Sundayman – Ready For You (from Retronome album, 2012)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Electricity - Part 1

This September’s issue of MOJO magazine is dedicated to electronic music. It is striking the absence of any reference on Vangelis contribution to electronic music when Albedo 0.39 (1975), Spiral (1977), Opera Sauvage (1979), just to name a few, are considered among the most representative and influential electronic albums.
Anyway this gives us the chance to write a bit about Greek electronic music.

Stavros Logaridis has composed in 1974 the soundtrack for Kostas Ferris movie Fonissa.
The two have already collaborated before in Akritas album where Ferris has written the lyrics.
Two tracks from Fonissa soundtrack were included in 1995’s Logaridis compilation Mousiki gia Ikona (Music for Image).

Stavros Logaridis – V.22150 G.G.  (from Mousiki gia Ikona, 1995)

Kostas Ganossellis is a keyboard player, orchestrator and composer who has collaborated with many Greek artists.
In 1980 he released his album Synthesis relying extensively on synthesizer and presenting his progressive roots.

Kostas Ganossellis – 5/4 (from Synthesis album, 1980)

As we have already presented Vangelis work in more than one posts, we chose to represent him here with a track from one of his most underestimated albums.
Perceived and composed earlier, See You Later was released in 1980 and is one of the electronic music best kept secrets

Vangelis – Multi Track Suggestion (from See You Later album, 1980)

Dimitris Papadimitriou is a well known Greek composer.
He has composed music for films, for the theatre, Greek popular music, symphonic works, concertos for piano, violin etc.
In 1981 he released the electronic Topia (Landscapes).

Dimitris Papadimitriou – Day One (from Topia album, 1981)

Proxies is a synth-pop band from Thessaloniki.
Their sound reminds early Depeche Mode and OMD.
They have released 5 albums and disbanded in the 90s.
Their first album Groovin’ Over Beirut was released in 1983.

Proxies – Groovin’ Over Beirut (from Groovin’ Over Beirut album, 1983)

Makis Prekkas released this weird album in 1985.
Experimental using reverse tapes, electronic sounds it reminds somehow My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

Makis Prekkas – T244 (from Recording Is An Art album, 1985)

Lena Platonos is the composer who managed successfully to tie electronic music and Greek language (and be experimental on both) back in the 80s.
The composer remains active until today and is often mentioned as major influence by contemporary electro artists. 

 Lena Platonos – H Lathos Agapi (from Maskes Iliou album, 1984)
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