Monday, May 27, 2013

Sociology Groove

George Kinousis released his album Asteia kai Sovara (Funny and Serious) in 1975. The singer/songwriter had always an interest for social matters and this album includes 2 of his most beautiful songs: the opening track (South Africa) speaking of Apartheid and the closing track (America) speaking of (then and now) contemporary life in US. Interestingly the musical style he chooses is jive for South Africa and r&b for America.

South Africa,1975

Dimitris Poulikakos after a long period of recording his songs and searching for a company, finally releases his album Metafore - Ekdrome “o Mitsos” (Transportation Excursions “Mitsos”) in 1976.
The album is considered to be the first Greek-singing, rock, LP and was a major influence for the coming rock generations.

Skoni, Petres, Laspi (Dust, Rocks, Mud), 1976 

Christos Lettonos has left a small but distinctive footprint throughout his life (died at 45) and career mainly through his collaborations with major composers but also with a couple of unique (in terms of the concept and performance) albums he released as solo artist: Stratiotika (Military) and Grafeiokratia (Bureaucracy - 1976).

Grafeiokratia (Bureaucracy), 1976

Millie Karali appeared in discography in 1973. She has collaborated with some of the finest Greek artists (Hatzidakis, Xarhakos, Xylouris, Lavranos etc) and in 1975 she moves to Paris where she released two albums (Milady Millie, La Chanson Universelle). In 1982 she released Ta Feministika (Feministic) with the music of Nikos Lavranos and the lyrics of Giannis Negrepontis.

Oloi tou kosmou oi tapinoi (All the world's humble people), 1982

Pashalis (singer of Olympians) has released in 1983 a record (H poli afti de mas hora/There's no space for us in this town) that stands out in the discography of the artist as he deals for the first time, to this extend, with social issues such as war, abortion, religion, politics etc. The music belongs to Doros Georgiadis and the lyrics to Sotia Tsotou.

H Poli afti de mas xora (There's no room for us in this town), 1983
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