Saturday, September 28, 2013

From the Lizard’s mouth

Alternative music comes from many different directions. Here’s some new and old Greek bands starting from a different point (country, americana, blues, psychedelic) and meet at some crossroad in the middle of the desert.

Dustbowl formed in 2006 with the intention to further explore and expand their favorite musical styles (country, americana). With an EP and 2 albums up to today they managed to appeal to the (numerous) country lovers in Greece but also to gain for this under-represented (in Greece) genre  a wider audience.

Cold 44 Blues from their 1st LP Troublebound and Lonesome (2007)

His Majesty the King of Spain formed in 2010 by Nektarios Kouvaras.
The band released their first LP Hyena in 2012 with King Elephant (from Baby Guru) in production.
Their sound is influenced by americana, folk and alternative rock (they mention Pixies as great influence).

Mustafa and his Army of Bastard Children from Hyena (2012)

The Rosewood Brothers formed in 2009 and released their first mini-cd, Homemade Music, in 2011 (private release).
Their music is blues. In 2012 they released the single I Got Mine Woman/Pray for a Better Day.

I Got Mine Woman from single (2012)

No Man’s Land have a long history. They formed back in 1985 and after an 8 year hiatus (1993-2001) they continue to experiment and change (more or less) with every new record.
Even though their music explores the psychedelic spectrum, they often cross progressive rock paths or even blues or americana like this one.

Long Summer Nights from Home in the Sky LP (2008)
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