Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Works of a man (Man + oeuvres)

Manoeuvres is “a collection of recovered movements of a decade” as described by Tom Kazas.
11 instrumentals written between 1995 and 2005, a collection of alternate mixes, sketches, film music and out takes claiming their right to be one piece of work.

Tom has worked on post production and this shows.
The album flows nicely from the opening track Sixes and Sevens – with the Greek element being present again – check previous post here – to the final experiment of Persistence of Paint.

The value of Manoeuvres lies in the possibilities they imply. It is like a segue in Tom’s ergography, to make the smooth transition to the future, to evolution.

You could be sky

The first if

listen to the album here

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Great Voices

This is the first recording of Kouky Marakis, a singer born in Egypt. 
The single Say you love me/You’re one hell of a lady (both songs are written by William Sheller) was released in 1969 and from the sleeve notes we read that Marakis’ voice can be compared to the greatest singers of his time. Indeed.

Kouky Marakis - Say you love me (1969)

Tassos Papastamatis was the singer of Forminx
Here he sings Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps for the TV Show “From grandfather to grandson” hosted by composer George Mouzakis. Selected songs from the show were released as a record in 1976.

Tassos Papastamatis - Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (1976)

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