Monday, December 31, 2012

Jazz Standards

George Mouzakis was a composer, conductor and trumpet player.
He formed his own orchestra in 1940 and composed more than 2500 songs.
Mouzakis marked his era with his deep jazz feeling and knowledge.
His songs were sang and covered by some of the best male and female singers of the time.
Here are two classic jazz tunes...

Sou Sfyrizo - Terry Hrisos

Alimono se Sena - Zozo Sapountzaki

Mimis Plessas (see older posts) is the composer who maintained two distinct, parallel and equally important careers. As a composer of Greek popular music and as a jazz composer and pianist. When we are talking about Greek vocal jazz standard we are talking about this…

An s'arnitho Agapi mou - Tzeni Vanou

Pires Pia ta Matia Sou - Zoitsa Kouroukli 
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