Friday, February 25, 2011

Groovy Soundtracks

Greece has not the wealth of soundtracks Italy or France have and certainly not the rich jazz groove that one can find in almost any well-known or not Italian b-movie soundtrack. Yet the music is there, mostly undiscovered, as there are lots of Greek movies of the 60s and 70s -a very productive era for the Greek cinema - with great but still unpublished music!

There was an attempt to explore the richness of Greek b-movie soundtracks through Greek label Potfleur which unfortunately did not last. The label ceased operation but still managed to publish some gems.  2 out of 5 posts below were published by Potfleur.

What follows is a sampler of 5 fine grooves from Greek composers:

1. Title Theme from Anazitisis (Search) - Yiannis Spanos
(from Anazitisis movie, 1972)

2. On the Streets - Mikis Theodorakis
(from Serpico with Al Pacino, 1973)

3. A Travers Montmartre - Stelios Vlavianos
(from Le Jeune Fabre French TV series, 1970)

4. La Discotheque - Mike Rozakis
(from She Knew no Other Way, 1973)

5. Fluted Vibrator - George Theodosiadis
(from Gynaecocracy, 1973)

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