Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Soft Wave

Alexis Georgopoulos is a composer and artist based in New York. Born in 1974 he studied liberal arts and founded his first band, Tussle, in 2001. After debut album Kling Klang (named after Kraftwerk’s studio) he changed from drums to bass and became main songwriter. Tussle gained a reputation for their lives that incorporated Krautrock-electro fusions over dub-funky rhythms.

Tussle - Warning

He left the band in 2007 and released under the name Arp his solo record In Light, a minimal album that recalls Brian Eno ambient work. In his 2010 album The Soft Wave he presents a blend of melodic explorations, fuzz layers, hidden grooves, using mainly analog synthesizers but physical instruments too. In the same year he collaborates with Anthony Moore in FRKWYS III album.

ARP - Alpha (Dusted)

Alexis Georgopoulos is also a member of The Alp, a trio from San Francisco (Alex Georgopoulos, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma of Tarentel and Scott Hewicker of Troll). They have released four albums with most recent one Easy Action of 2011. Their music is a mix of psychedelic, folk, kraut and ambient elements.

The Alps - For Isabel

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