Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ki Sano Terra

Pantelis Pantelopoulos is a contemporary artist inspired by the city (landscape, people and sounds). The industrial element (forms, shapes, noises etc), omnipresent in his art, de-humanizes the person and at the same time emphasizes one’s cry for humanity.

Pantelis, influenced by surrealism, comics and pop art but also from industrial design, has mastered his art and created a distinct, unique personal style that is expressed in several (often unconventional) ways including installations with visual action, projections, screen printing and painting.

"Stress", 1981
By Pandelis (Pandelopoulos) (1957)
Pencil on paper, 17Χ25 cm.
Inv. No.: P-41

During this period he participates in modern art Biennale 3 in Thessaloniki with his video “Ki Sano Terra”.

"Ki Sano Terra", 2008

Other information and videos you can find here.

PS. He has also designed the cd pack from Alexia’s triple album presented a couple of weeks ago.

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