Sunday, December 11, 2011

Psych-Folk Gems

Sometimes traditional music merges so well with contemporary music that one cannot distinguish between old and new – and actually there is no point in doing so as the outcome is so unique and timeless that can form a new genre of its own, or can stay uncategorized but still precious.
This is the case with the following albums which in any case are considered among the best in their creators’ long and successful careers.  

Stavros Xarhakos – Dionyse Kalokairi mas (1972)

This is an album with original compositions orchestrated with electric and traditional instruments.

The album can be categorized under psych-folk but in any case this is restrictive and limited as a tag.

Here’s the song Girnan Amilita Paidia with the voice of the great Cretan singer Nikos Xylouris.

Mariza Koh – Arabas (1971)

This is her first album, featuring original compositions and covers of traditional songs.

Mariza Koh has a long presence since then with more than 20 albums while in 1990 she was awarded by Cornell university of New York for her contribution to music.

The song Skepsis is one of her own compositions in Arabas album.

Christodoulos Halaris – Tropikos tis Parthenou (1973)

Halaris is a composer/musicologist who focuses in ancient Greek music and Byzantine music.

He has created his own label to release his interpretation and reconstruction of ancient Greek music and Byzantine secular music.

He has released several albums with original compositions that combine elements of byzantine, traditional, folk music.

Here’s Anathema p’ Agapisa to Homa sou sung again by Nikos Xylouris.

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