Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Memory is still fresh since his last show.
3,5 hours of fun, energy and nice, simple and catchy songs. Maraveyas Ilegal, aka Kostis Maraveyas is a singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist but most of all he is a performer.

His music is influenced by Balkan music, swing, ska, punk, reggae and bossa while his performance borrows from Manu Chao, Tom Waits and Adriano Celentano.
He sings in Greek, English (area for improvement), Spanish and Italian and has released 4 solo albums up to now plus one with X-darawish (his first) in Italy.

Lola from album Lola (2012)

Λόλα ( Lola ) - Maraveyas ilegál - Official Music Video from Aegeanscapes on Vimeo.

To Kalokairi Efyge (The Summer is Gone) from album Lola (2012)

Ase Me Na Bo (Let Me In) from album Welcome to Greece (2009)
Pou Na Vro Mia Na Sou Miazei (Where To Find Someone Like You) from album Ilegal (2007)


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