Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Garage Days

Formed in 1981, Villa 21 transformed slowly from a new wave band with influences from Birthday Party, to a neo garage band standing between Rocky Erickson and the Stooges.
They left 4 EPs and 3 LPs before they split with the last 3 (Electric Poison-1987, House of the Damned-1988 and Hellucinations-1990) being some of the best raw rock albums of Greek discography. Their singer Kostas Fever Pothoulakis died in a car accident in 1993.

House of the Damned from their EP with same name - 1988

Formed 1983 in Athens, The Anti Troppau Council were a short-lived band but with a loyal fan club. They left just one LP, A Way Out (1986, produced by Nikos Papazoglou) and several tracks on compilations. They broke in 1987 just before the release of their second album (which was never released). Two of their new songs were included in the Cicadas compilation.

I Believe from the A Way Out LP - 1986

The Mushrooms were formed in Thessaloniki in 1984. They released 2 albums (Taste of-1986 and Scarecrow Princes-1989) both produced by Nikos Papazoglou. They also appeared in Cicadas compilation with 2 songs and finally disbanded 1991 with their guitarist Asclepios Zambetas joining another group of Thessaloniki, Trypes. Their vocalist Pluto died in 2004.

Sleeping in the Lizard's Mouth from Scarecrow Princess LP - 1989

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