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Rembetico remains a source of inspiration. Rembetico covers replayed and reformed as reggae, surf, latin, pop, rock, electronic.

Dirty Fuse is a 5-piece instrumental surf band formed in 2008.
In their latest, 3rd release, Surfbetika,  they explore, or to better put it, “surf up”, 7 classic rembetico songs dated from 1925 to 1938.

You can find more info and listen to all the songs in their web site:

Dirty FuseSunset Beach from their 2nd release Dirty Fuse. Original by VasilisTsitsanis.

Formed in London in 2005, Trio Tekke have released 2 albums. Reggetika of 2009 is a collection of rembetico covers in the form of acoustic reggae.
Their second album Samas (2011) introduces original songs plus some rembetico covers, keeping the same principle: a new approach to rembetico, keeping the essence and mixing the sound with jazz, blues, reggae.

Trio Tekke Pente magkes ston Perea. Original by Giovan Tsaous

This great, minimal, electronic version of Mahera Edoses was part of the theatrical play Kokina Fanaria of 2013.
The cover belongs to Demosthenis Grivas and voice to Eleni Kokkidou.

Demosthenis GrivasMahera Edoses. Original by George Lafkas.

Vassilikos, ex-singer of Raining Pleasure, released Sunday Cloudy Sunday in 2013, paying tribute to Vasilis Tsitsanis.
Vassilikos performs and reforms 12 songs of Tsitsanis with great respect but also with talent and imagination. The outcome is a high standard pop album.

Vassilikos Gioulbahar. Original by Vasilis Tsitsanis

Imam Baildi, with 2 albums up to date (Imam Baildi -2007, Cookbook – 2011) mixing up old popular songs and rembetico with electronic sounds, loupes and new orchestration.
From their forthcoming album another Tsitsanis cover this time as a mambo!

Imam BaildiArgosvinis Moni. Original by Vasilis Tsitsanis

Gadjo Dilo were formed in 2009.
After many live performances they released their first album Manouche de Grec (2013) combining rembetico with gypsy swing.

Gadjo DiloPeftis se lathi. Original by Vasilis Tsitsanis

Started in 2007 as a live gig in a bar restaurant in Athens, The Burger Project managed to become a cover band with a loyal audience and appearances all over Europe.
Their covers span a wide range from disco and punk to pop and rembetico.
download free album here:

The Burger Project and Matoula Zamani Tsiggana. Original by Nick Fatseas/Alex Tsavalas

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