Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Two of the best 2015 albums

Moa Bones’ second album, Spun, is a fine blend of American music (past and contemporary) with some great songs and a lo-fi production that brings out the very essence of the songs.

Moa Bones is the personal vehicle of Dimitris Aronis, singer and guitarist of Modrec.

Dimitris has recorded everything in his home studio and produced the album which was released by InnerEar.

Moa Bones - The Journey (Spun, 2015)

Thee Holy Strangers have a roster of members coming from Last Drive, Dustbowl, Make Believe, The Earthbound among others.

Their most renowned member, Alexis Kalofolias (Alex K) singer and bass player of Last Drive and The Earthbound, has written the songs of their debut album.

The album was released by their own company Holy Stranger Music in just 300 cd.

Thee Holy Strangers - Silver Lake (Thee Holy Strangers, 2015)

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