Tuesday, January 24, 2017

International Girls

Nana Mouskouri and Vicky Leandros are the two Greek female singers who achieved international stardom. Yet there are other attempts that left a minor but interesting footprint in the international arena.

Among them the successful album Bessy Sings of Bessy Argyraki. Bessy Sings was released in 1981 and it’s an album composed by Japanese (Kiyoshi Hattori and Masaki Niwa), with Japanese lyrics (Machiko Ryu), sang in Japanese by Bessy!
The last song is in English (lyrics by Robert Williams).
The record charted high in Japan but there was no follow up to this.

Kristina Karali, being a successful 70s pop singer in Greece (as Christina with the Sounds or solo), she released an electronic-disco 7’’ single in 1980 with producer Nico Papathanassiou, brother of Vangelis.
The single was followed by a full album in 1981 with 9 songs, including the 2 previously released as single.
The credits are shared between Nicos Papathanassiou, Carson Whitsett, M. Davis and Skip Lane.
From this album we listen to the beautiful Misty Morning Water.

I Am Siam was a New York studio project of Brian Rothschild and Stefan Vienna.
In 1984 they released the album She Went Pop featuring Alexia (Vassiliou) – a Berklee student in Boston back then – as vocalist in the song I Am Siam.

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