Monday, July 4, 2011

Graut Rock

I’m obviously paraphrasing Kraut Rock as the groups described below sound at times like some of the great German bands (Can, Neu, Faust, Guru Guru etc).

Baby Guru were formed in 2009.
They released Yogi Sister EP in 2010 and the Baby Guru album in 2011.
Kraut rock, electronica, african rhythms get mixed with psychedelic landscapes.
They could easily fit in the new Brooklyn indie scene with groups like Yeasayer, MGMT etc.

Baby Guru are:
-Obi Serotone: vocals, sampler, keyboards, synths, percussion, soundscapes, drums, production, editing
- King Elephant: drums, percussion, programming, saxophone, soundscapes, backing vocals, editing, production
- Sir Kosmiche: bass, sound manipulation, backing vocals, noise,percussion, editing, production

Baby Guru - Navigation

Baby Guru - Marilu

Baby Guru on MySpace

Which brings us to the second release: King Elephant, drummer of Baby Guru released his solo album with same name in 2011.
Heavy sampling, jazzy sounds, folk, african percussions and psychedelic vocals from his fellow Obi Serotone of Baby Guru.
Great stuff.

King Elephant on MySpace

King Elephant ft. Obi Serotone - Appreciation by Inner Ear Records

Regarding Fantastikoi Hxoi (Imaginary Sounds) I’m copying from their (his) site:
“Fantastikoi Hxoi (Imaginary Sounds) is a re-edit project based in Athens that draws material mainly from obscure greek pop, rock and folk tunes, among other global music.Using samples from classic or totally forgotten tracks, FH creates a peculiar retro-futuristic sound through complete reconstruction or a drastic re-edit.

2008’s “Masters Of The Universe” LP (self-released and available for free at has gathered praise from people like Ivan Smagghe, Lovefingers, Eskimo Recordings, Optimo, James Holden, 20Jazzfunkgreats, Finn Johannsen and Marcus Scott - as well as rave reviews by the local music press. It now counts over 15,000 downloads.”

You can download his album from his site here (highly recommended):

Here's my personal favorite: Old Eden (Palia Edem) a re-edit of Kostas Hatzis song

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