Friday, July 8, 2011


Just before temperature hits 40C for the first time this summer, it is time to pay a small tribute to the world’s most famous summer song:
George Gershwin’s Summertime.
So here are 3 Greek covers to be added to the thousands of covers.
In chronological order.

1. The M.G.C.

The M.G.C. (Modern Greek Combo, 1967-1971) is one of the first greek rock bands.
Summertime comes from their 1967 single ("Summertime / I'm Gonna Cut My Head", 7" Vinyl, Pan-Vox, 1967).
The song also appears in “Greece Goes Modern Vol. 1” compilation of 2000 (info here).

The group members are: Polytimos, Poulikakos, Tseberopoulos, Belliyiannis, Kiurktsoglu, Sembos, Dovas, Triandafyllou, Dallas, Katsadorakis, Alahadamis, Tzimopoulos.

The M.G.C - [1967] Summertime / I'm Gonna Cut My Head

2. Solid Silver

Solid Silver is a side project of Argyris – Silver – Koulouris, rhythm guitarist of Aphrodite’s Child.
This is the only single released under this name.
The cover is an extraordinary funky-disco piece, a really unique addition to the long Summertime cover list!

Solid Silver – [1976] Summertime / Walrus Music

3. Elias Zaikos
Elias Zaikos is a band leader, guitar player, singer from Thessaloniki.
He is one of the blues pioneers in Greece, demonstrating a rich and lasting career with his band Blues Wire or solo.
Summertime comes from his solo album of 1997, Off the Box and is an instrumental blues version combining the guitar and the violin.

Elias Zaikos – [1997] Off the Box 

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