Thursday, February 9, 2012

For a Few Drops of Happiness

There are 3 songs that I like to play in this particular order as if they belong to some Greek soul compilation.
They do not for the moment.

The first one belongs to George Kinousis album Kanena Provlima (No Problem), 1978.
The opening track Efyga (I’m gone) has a groovy soul instrumentation on top of a Greek popular tune. Giorgos Kinoussis has a long history in music as an accordionist and composer of popular songs in late 60s and as a singer/songwriter in the 70s.

Efyga (I'm Gone), 1978

In 1972 Aris San released the single Ine Arga (It’s late). This is a particularly interesting tune composed by Aris San (lyrics by Pythagoras) as it is a pure soul masterpiece with horns and string arrangements.
The song is included as bonus track in the triple cd Memorial Collection – 10th Anniversary released in 2002 by NMC Music Ltd in Israel. The compilation is highly recommended as it includes 65 of his songs sang in Greek, Spanish and Hebrew. 

Ine Arga (It's Late), 1972

The 3rd one is the 1978 version of Gia Liges Stagones Eftyxias (For a Few Drops of Happiness) by George Egyptios (real name George Maroulakakis born in Alexandria, Egypt).
The song, a Stavros Kaxos composition, appeared in Egyptios album Esy pou Efyges (You Left), 1974 where Egyptios has also done the orchestration.
George Egyptios does another version on his 1978 album Ta Hili sou (Your Lips) with different orchestration (Mallidis) where bouzouki is replaced by organ offering a pure exotica experience.

Gia Liges Stagones Eftyhias (For a Few Drops of Happiness), 1978


  1. Η πρώτη εκτέλεση του τελευταίου πρέπει να βρίσκεται στο 45άρι «Για λίγες σταγόνες ευτυχίας/ Γκουτ νάιτ αγάπη μου» [Philips 6319] από το 1969. Τραγουδούν ο Γιώργος Αιγύπτιος και η Λουκία Λάη. Δε νομίζω να υπάρχει παλαιότερη.


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