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In 1977 Theodoros Roumbanis (grandnephew of Nikos Roumbanis who’s often cited as composer of Misirlou) released an interesting album with the name The Other Odysseus. Initially the work, that was commissioned by the mayor of Ithaque to be presented in its festival, had the form of an operetta. But finally only the music and songs were presented in the concerts and the album that followed. The lyrics belong to Dimitris Iatropoulos with whom he has written more than 200 (yet unreleased) songs (source: VIP The Story of Theodoros Roumbanis by Frida Bioubi).

Scylla and Charybdis - Litsa Sakelariou

In 2006 Mikis Theodorakis wrote a new cycle of songs that were released a year later in Odyssey album. The lyrics belong to Costas Cartelias.
Irina Valentinova provides some very interesting orchestration adding a lyrical layer to Theodorakis compositions.
All songs are sang by Maria Farantouri but one which is interpreted by Theodorakis himself.

Circe - Maria Farantouri

In 2011 composer Nektarios Karantzis and singer/performer Savina Yannatou released an album which is not just inspired by Odyssey; it is Odyssey in the sense that the original ancient text is used.
The composer uses several classical and traditional instruments to create a sound that is Greek and timeless as Odyssey itself.

Tell me O Muse (Andra moi ennepe) - Savina Yannatou

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