Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Space is the Place

Following the last post re Manticore’s Breath there is a song in their album that stands out.

It’s somehow like an interlude and definitely not a representative of the sound of the album.
Yet it is a beautiful song and the first of some “space” tunes I try to present here.

Manticore’s Breath - Astral Lament, 2011

Another space tune here from Fantastikoi Hxoi.
The album is full of Kraut and space influences in any case and still one of the best local efforts.
It’s a private release (digital) that you can find here:

Fantastikoi Hxoi – Kosmikh Apoklish (Cosmic Deviation), 2008

Vagelis Pitsiladis as already discussed has a very diverse career spanning from Euro-disco to Greek popular music.
His contribution to our space soundtrack is from his 1979 Oasis album, Call me now.

Oasis – Star Trek, 1979

Stavros Logaridis was member of the famous group of the 70s, Poll and then Akritas, the progressive group which left a classic album.
In 1978 he released his first solo album with same name.
From this album comes Snif Snif.

Stavros Logaridis – Snif Snif, 1978

Finally in 1976 Vangelis released a concept album around space, Albedo 0.39.
As he explains on the back cover, Albedo is the reflecting ability of a planet and 0.39 (39%) was Earth’s albedo at the time.
From this album here’s Pulsar which was also used by BBC as a theme.

Vangelis – Pulsar, 1976

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