Monday, March 26, 2012

Blues Tales

Blues Gang – Blues Wire

Blues Gang first appeared in 1983 and in 1985 they changed their name to Blues Wire.

They are considered the pioneers of blues in Greece because of their endurance, their consistency and apparently their music.
After nine albums and a career spanning more than 20 years, Blues Wire have backed up artists line John Hammond, Big Time Sarah, Kate Webster, Louisiana Red and others while they have opened for Buddy Guy, Albert King, Otis Rush and others.

Blues Grave from Blues Gang second album On a Second Thought (1985)

The Mean Thing from Blues Wire album Bulldog Boogie (1993)

Elias Zaikos

Elias Zaikos is the founder and driving force behind Blues Wire/Blues Gang.
He maintains a parallel career having released 3 albums.
There is another post about Zaikos you can find here.

Kuma Goo from his great solo instrumental Off the Box album (1997)

Blues Trackers

Blues Trackers were formed in Larissa in 1996. They have released 2 albums up to date, Blues Trackers in 2002 and Smells Like Trouble in 2011.
The band accompanied Louisiana Red and opened for Dr. Feelgood among others.
They also have a continuous “conversation” with Elias Zaikos of Blues Wire.

Smells Like Trouble from album with same name (2011)

Panos Badikouthis

Panos Badikouthis is the front man of Blues Trackers.

In 2006 he released his solo album Blues People featuring the cream of local blues scene.

Night Time Man Blues from Panos Badikouthis album (2006)

Small Blues Trap

Small Blues Trap were formed in 2004 in Malesina.

The band has released 3 albums up to date (Our Trap in 2005 in CD-R format, Crossroad Ritual in 2006 and Red Snakes and Cave Bats in 2010).

They have managed to have a very distinct sound.

Strange Melody from the Red Snakes and Cave Bats album (2010)

Paul Karapiperis

Paul Karapiperis is the front man of Small Blues Trap.

In 2009 he released his solo album Fifteen Raindrops in an Ocean of Blues Tales including 15 original tracks of high quality acoustic blues.

Let’s Do the Boogie All Night from his solo album (2009)

Mickey Pantelous

Mickey Pantelous is a really unique case as he plays a distorted form of blues that brings in mind Captain Beefheart or Tom Waits but with a difference: he plays all instruments by himself. Live!
An one-man-band.
Mickey Pantelous has been in several other projects before going…solo with Mickey Pantelous and the Chess-Mates being the only who left a recording (even though their cd was only sold in their lives; I think).

Consolation from the Devil from Mickey Pantelous and the Chess-Mates album Hangover (2007)

As an one-man-band he introduces the name Dr. Albert’s Flipout’s One CAN Band.

His album Can’t Find my Pills was released in 2010.

Here’s the video of There Goes Jack from Can’t Find my Pills album as you should not only listen to Mickey but also see him playing.

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