Monday, November 7, 2011

BBC Stories

An ex-soldier who fought during World War 2 alongside the local resistance returns to Crete where he comes across the ghosts of the past questioning and threatening his present…
That’s the story of TV Series Who Pays the Ferryman, filmed in Crete and produced by BBC in 1977.
Yannis Markopoulos has written the music score which became a hit in UK.

Who Pays the Ferryman? - Yannis Markopoulos

The Honeymoon Song was written by Mikis Theodorakis in 1958 for the Honeymoon movie by Michael Powell.
The song performed by Marino Marini appealed to The Beatles who recorded this for their BBC sessions in 1963.
This version was finally released in 1994 (The Beatles: Live at the BBC).
In 1969 Paul McCartney produced The Honeymoon Song for Mary Hopkin’s debut album.
The song has been covered multiple times since and in many languages.

The Honeymoon Song - The Beatles

The Hoenymoon Song - Mary Hopkin

An Thimitheis to Oneiro mou (If you remember my dream is the Greek title. Lyrics by poet Nikos Gatsos) - Giovana

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