Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brothers and Sisters


Anna and Maria Kalouta (1920 – 1918) were raised to be stars.
They first appeared on stage in 1925.
The duo performed all over the world since 1950, recorded and appeared in movies.
It is said they also collaborated with Yma Sumac and Maurice Chevalier among others.

A Beating Heart


Errica and Margarita Broyer first appeared as a duo in 1961.
They singed and danced to modern rhythms of the era and soon became one of the most famous acts of 60s night life.
They also appeared in numerous movies.


Little Kiss


Born in the 40s, John and George Katsamba, became famous as the Katsamba Brothers duo.
Although most of their albums are in Greek, they became very popular for their latin performances.
They also scored some international hits as Los Hermanos Cachamba.
Their first self titled album was released in 1968.
Next year they released the album Melodies of Latin America which includes this version of Manolo Escobar, El Porompompero.

El Porompompero


Martha and Tena Elefteriadu, born 1946/1948, to Greek political refugees, grew up in Brno in former Czechoslovakia. They began their musical journey in the 60s with beat group Vulkán. They had a successful career during the 60s and 70s. Martha had an interesting solo career in the 70s in a more funky mood.

Srdce na dlani (1970)

Horizont (Martha solo, 1980)


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