Sunday, November 27, 2011

Latin Mood

One of the greatest Greek female singers and later Manos Hatzidakis muse.
Fleury Dandonaki born in Crete, 1937, has moved in US to study philosophy and theatre.
In 1965 she released her first album, Fleury – The Isles of Greece, in the States for the folk label Vanguard.
In this album she performs folk and popular songs from various countries.
The band features Gus Vali among others.

Here’s her great cover of Luiz Bonfá and Antonio Maria, Manhã de Carnaval.

Dimitra Galani started her career in the 60s. She has collaborated with most of the great Greek composers (Hatzidakis, Tsitsanis, Moutsis, Kraounakis etc).  
Spyros Sakkas, born 1938, is a renowned baritone who has performed original compositions of the most famous composers (Cage, Xenakis, Christou, Crumb etc).
The two of them have proposed to National Greek Radio a series of songs from all over the world which was first broadcasted in 1983.

Here’s Vinicius de Moraes’ and Buden Powell's Samba em Prelúdio.

Zanet Kapuya is not Greek. Or better, she was not born Greek. She was born in Uruguay and moved in Buenos Aires at the age of 13.
From a very early age she studied singing, dancing, guitar and theatre.
By the end of the 70s Kapuya comes to Greece and stays.
In 1979 she releases her first album in Greece, named Songs (Tragoudia) where she performs songs from Spain, Italy, Argentina, Cuba, Peru and Greece.
The Greek songs belong to composer Akis Panou.

Here's El Humahuaqueño from Argentina

and Your World (O Kosmos o Dikos sou) which is an original composition by Akis Panou written for his new born daughter.

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