Sunday, April 8, 2012

Small Constellations

When I was working on Tom Kazas post and interview back in December, Tom told me he was working on a 4 song EP to be released in 2012.

Well melbn pyxis is released and it is a very interesting (re) turn to song form (after Verdigris LP).
Tom has written and produced 4 songs that bring the song craft of the Moffs days, through Taj Orange, to today.
Which means that there are references to the Moffs and the psychedelic pop of the Taj Orange project (but also to Brian Eno and David Sylvian), the compositions follow the song-form that Tom has mastered (no clear couplet-refrain form but smaller tonal and rhythmic changes that move in cycles towards an inner climax) and the production allows for the psychedelic past to gloom into a fresh sound.
Maturity is also reflected in the lyrics that tend to be more personal.

Listen to small constellations from melbn pyxis (2012)

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  1. Na'sai kala Harry. Thanks for your words. It's good to have these song out. Really like your blog. Me 'geia. Tom


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