Monday, April 23, 2012

Inner Ear – The Pop Side

Inner Ear Records was created in 2007 in Patras. Their roster includes some of the best local artists and covers various musical styles from indie, to electronic, to pop, folk etc.
In 2010 they created another label, Exostis, to host the Greek-singing artists of their roster.

Nalyssa Green

In 2010 Nalyssa Green has self-released her album Barock, a blend of pop, folk and electronic forms, orchestrated with the use of theremin, guitar, handmade percussion, bass and keyboards.
Next year and as she is preparing her next release, Inner Ear released Barock in white vinyl.
More info about Nalyssa Green on her site (you can also download Barock for free):

Nalyssa Green - Indagattah (from Barock, 2010)

Evripidis and his Tragedies

Evripidis Sabatis started playing his piano and singing in Athens before moving to Barcelona where he formed his Tragedies. His music, based on piano but supported with many instruments and vocal harmonies, carries the sunshine of the Beach Boys and the fun of Housemartins while the lyrics deal with the small tragedies of everyday life. Full of humor and cynicism.

Evripidis and his Tragedies - Teeth (from his 2nd album A Healthy Dose of Pain, 2011)

Marietta Fafouti

Marietta Fafouti is also a piano player. She has worked on several films, documentaries, advertisements, musicals and released her first soundtrack of Loukia Rikaki film Hold Me. In 2006 she and some friends created the Art City, a website that aims to help artists to show and promote their work. In 2010 she released her first personal album Try a Little Romance.

Marietta Fafouti - Don't Stop (from Try a Little Romance, 2010)

Foivos Delivorias

Foivos Delivorias released his first album back in 1989 in Manos Hatzidakis label Sirius. He has released 5 albums since then with his latest being O Aoratos Anthropos (The Invisible Man). What is particular interesting with this album is the orchestration which is done by George Katsaros, Stamatis Stamatakis and Foivos Delivorias and give another –fresh- perspective to some of the most mature and beautiful songs Foivos has written.

Foivos Delivorias - Bolero (from The Invisible Man, 2011)


First it was Bolek and Lolek (a duo with the name inspired by the Polish cartoon). Bolek left so Lolek was left Alone (the title of his first solo album).
The album was released in 2009 and is a deeply lyrical one with the waltz being the leading element.
A dance for yourself, a dance without partner as he says…

Lolek - Have you Noticed (from Alone, 2009)

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