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Cast-a-Blast is not just a record company. It’s a collective of dj’s, producers and musicians focusing on hip hop, lo-fi, jazz, funk, latin and dub.
Founded in 2006 and based in Athens, Cast-a-Blast crew aims at discovering, creating, producing some of the finest new beats.
The roster includes artists from many countries. On this post we'll focus on the 4 founders of Cast-a-Blast.

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Blend Mishkin

Driving force behind Cast-a-Blast, Blend is the co-founder and has produced many of its artists. Dj, producer and re-mixer he has been releasing music since 1997.
He has released a solo album for Sirius (Man Under Influence, 2005) plus two solo albums for Cast-a-Blast, Misplaced (2006), a fine blend of hip hop, funk, dub and Sudden Death (2009).

Blend – Smoke (from Misplaced, 2006)


Already active with the group Sugah Galore since 2004, she co-formed Cast-a-Blast in 2006 and released her first solo album, The Incredible/ The Invisible, in 2008.
She also contributed to other Cast-a-Blast releases as well as on Swing Shoes debut album.


Sugahspank! - Lost That Lovin' Feeling (from The Incredible/The Invisible, 2008)


 Dj, producer and co-founder of Cast-a-Blast, Palov formed the duet Palov and Mishkin (Blend) and released two albums: the compilation Backslam Extravaganza (2007) and Think Twice (2009).
He has also released a solo song, What's That, that was included in various nu-swing compilations.

 Palov and Mishkin - A Case of Amnesia (from Think Twice (2009)

Palov - What's That (from I Can Hear it Now compilation EP, 2010)

BNC (Bruises n Cuts)

The fourth co-founder arrived in Greece at the age of 10, coming from Dominican Republic. BNC music is fresh and groovy, mixing hip hop, latin sounds, dub and reggae.
He has released two solo albums on Cast-a-Blast, The Birth (2008) and Ruff, Rowdy & Unfocused (2010)

BNC ft MC Yinka - The Harder They Fall (from Ruff, Rowdy & Unfocused, 2010)

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