Monday, May 28, 2012


What happens when someone gets overexposed to the blended poisonous geniuses of the Beach Boys, Frank Zappa and Julian Cope?

Well the only way to manage it is to lock himself at home and make sure the infection will have a permanent effect.

That’s the story of Sergios Voudris and The Voyage Limpid Sound.

Working all alone in his home studio he released his first album (Electronically Enhanced Dream, 2000) at the age of 21.
During the following years he recorded another 5 albums, none of which was released.
And then he formed a proper band and started preparing his 7th album (but 2nd released), The Voyage Limpid Sound Are Happy (2010).

The Voyage Limpid Sound - The Month of the Flowers (from Electronically Enhanced Dream, 2000)

The Voyage Limpid Sound - Design of a Pie (from unreleased album Little Personal Tragedies, 2004)

The Voyage Limpid Sound - Barberette's Summer Coif (unreleased)

The Voyage Limpid Sound - Shade (from The Voyage Limpid Sound Are Happy, 2010)


  1. Did you know that Dimitris Kakavoulis from the post from above was The VLS first drummer?

    1. Nice coincidence! Didn't know that. Any recordings made? Even from the unreleased albums?

    2. Yes, maybe a dozen. In a different, more jazzy style than the first lp.


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