Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Into the Groove

Biri Biri

Biri Biri were formed back in 2003 when the 8 musicians first met in Crete. With references such as Tom Waits, James Brown, Thelonious Monk, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Psarantonis, Bob Marley (to name a few) and instruments like bongos, shakers, darbouka, Chinese gong, Rudal heater (!!!!), trumpets, sax, guitars, bass and drums, they sure sound funky with a rock attitude. Their album Biri Biri was released in 2009 by Spinalonga.

Biri Biri - Doze 8

Dr. Vodkatini

They were formed by the end of the 90s. Their name comes from Vodka + Martini to show their cosmopolitan inclination that’s present in their music too.
Soul, jazz, latin and funk is nicely blended by the 10 good musicians to give an amusing and inspired dance album: Indulge In A Big Swig! (2007) by Prominence Recordings.Check.

Super Mario and the Exotic Watermelons

Super Mario and the Exotic Watermelons were formed in 2010 by dj Super Mario with an orientation towards funk, afro-beat and acid jazz.
They have released their first 7”, Santa Maria, in 2010 (amola kalimba records)

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