Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aphrodite's Children

The great success the Aphrodite's Child had in the late sixties (especially in France), opened the doors to some great Greek musicians to make recordings with high production standards.
All ex-Aphrodite's Child members and collaborators followed their own careers with more or less success but always interesting.

In 1977 Loucas Sideras (Aphrodite's Child drummer), Dimitris Katakouzinos and Lakis Vlavianos (also member of Aphrodite's Child) release Metro Music Man as Ypsilon in France. The style is very close to the French pop/psychedelic of the era.

Metro Music Man - Ypsilon

Loucas Sideras after Aphrodite's Child split he released 2 solo albums: One Day in 1973 and Pax Spray in 1975.

Rock n Roller - Loucas Sideras

Chalkitis started his career in the 60s with the Playboys. He also participates in 666 album of Aphrodite's Child playing keyboards.
He follows an international solo career with success in many countries.
He also writes songs for Demis Roussos solo career and for several other Greek singers until today.

Ridin' Free Livin' Lonely - Harris Chalkitis (1974)(a big success in Latin America)

This is another project of Harris Chalkidis, Echoes of, released only a 45 in 1973.
A funky rhythm with great drum breaks.

Eches of Jerusalem - Echoes of

Another short-lived project of the time was Eros with members the touring members of Aphrodite's Child except Demis Roussos (Vangelis was in the studio preparing the 666 album), that is Loukas Sideras, Harris Chalkitis, Lakis Vlavianos and Dimitri Tambossis. The above released a 45 in 1970 with 2 songs: Rain Train and I Can See it. Singer is Dimitri Tambossis.

Rain Train - Eros

Argyris Koulouris, the rhythm guitar player of Aphrodite's Child, has also participated in solo Demis Roussos and Vangelis (see post for Dragon) albums but also formed or participated in several short lived projects including Magic Power, Solid Silver, Alpha Beta etc. He also participated in Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band (most probably another Vangelis project):

Floating - Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band (1970)

Last but not least the 2 most famous of the gang: Vangelis and Demis Roussos.
There is an older post for Vangelis and there will be another in the future.
So here's Demis Roussos single for French TV series Le Jeune Fabre.

Le Peintre des Etoiles - Demis Roussos (1972)

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