Friday, April 22, 2011

Everything is made from dreams

This phrase of Tom Waits from his song Temptation best describes this special project. A live performance in Athens Music Hall, part of a series of concerts held in 1993 under the name “The Song”.
The specific album is a selection of songs from Elli Paspala’s concert, including compositions of local composer Stavros Tzouanakos, Vasilis Tsitsanis, George Andreou, Stamatis Kraounakis, Nikos Xydakis, Giannis Papaioanou but also foreign ones like David Byrne, Cole Porter, Tom Waits, Kurt Weill, Bill Withers, Henry Manchini and Bob Telson.

The musicians who accompanied Elli Paspala are some of the best local jazz players:
David Lynch (not the director): saxes, flute, percussion
Takis Farazis: piano, keyboards
Yiorgos Zachariou: keyboards, piano
Alexandros Paraskevopoulos: electric bass
Stephanos Logothetis: drums, vocals

Listen to The Ports (Ta Limania), a song of Vasilis Tsitsanis, in an inspired minimal arrangement.

And here’s a cover of Tom Waits Temptation

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