Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trombone with Spice

A great old fashioned exotica cover for a superb latin-jazz album of 2000 released by trombonist Demetrios Kastaris and The Latin Jazz Coalition.
Demetrios Kastaris was born in Thessaloniki, Greece but moved to US before the age of 3. He lived in St. Louis where started his music lessons and became a fan of jazz. It was in New York where he was exposed to the poly-rhythmic sounds of Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria, Ray Barretto etc.

He formed the Latin Jazz Coalition in 1986 aiming to explore the latin-jazz music with original compositions.
After 14 years of live performances the band developed their sound and released this first album Trombon Con Sazon in 2000 with great reviews by music press:

"A unique new and exciting sound in Latin jazz. The musical level is what I would expect from Tito Puente, Oscar D' Leon or Willie Rosario. One of the best new recordings that I've heard so far this year that combines traditional Latin music, Latin jazz, Brazilian music and Funk. An outstanding effort." Max Salazar, Senior Editor, Latin Beat Magazine 

Demetrios Kastaris and The Latin-Jazz Coalition - Trombon Con Sazon

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