Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is That?

Today's post is about stories and story-tellers.
So once upon the time there was a story-teller called Paramythas (Story-teller). Paramythas (real name is Nikos Pilavios) has studied Drama in Greek National Theatre and London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. From 1978 to 1987 he held the most famous show for kids in the national TV, Paramythas. This was a combination of story telling from Nikos Pilavios and animation. The music was written by Greek composer Stamatis Spanoudakis.

Nikos Pilavios has been very active and still is. There is a great new website (paramythas) where he blogs but also posts new productions (!!!

Generations evolved and - like father like son - Konstantinos Pilavios followed the steps of his father to become the Story-teller of his era (the 2 of them have created a production company, MovieTeller to host the dream!).
Konstantinos works in Athens as a director of short movies and radio producer.

So here's "What is That?" Konstantinos' short movie from 2007. It's a 5 minute story for parents and children. Don't miss.

You can check his site for more info and videos.

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