Friday, March 4, 2011

80s Pop

The 80s was a very productive era for all kinds of music. Post punk, punk, electro pop, new wave, pop, Italo-disco etc.
Yet very few bands had the luck to have a decent production.
Below 2 picks from the period: Psycho and Kyoto.
Psycho recorded 2 albums combining some new wave and electro with operatic voices.
Here's the famous Psycho Killer version of Talking Heads song. From their first album Montage Fatal from 1982.

Psycho - Psycho Killer (1982)

Kyoto released only a single with 2 songs. What distinguishes them from other groups of the era is their ambitious production and their ... english accent. Accent was an issue for the bands singing in English but Kyoto had an English singer. The song below is the flip side and somehow reminds me of Japan and David Sylvian. Side A is more uptempo and interesting too.
The group and single remain quite unknown among collectors and music fans. The 2 songs appear in a compilation named "Greeks do it better" (!!!!!) which you can find and presents all the italo-disco groups of the era (although Kyoto's music is different).

Obsession - Kyoto (1984)

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