Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Last Drive

In the 60s and 70s there were Aphrodite's Child, in the 80s till today it's the Last Drive!
If there is a band that continues to keep Greece in the world wide rock map it is them (counting also the bands influenced by their music plus the bands that derived from their members).
The Last Drive started in early 80s to release their first EP, Midnight Hop, in 1985 and first album Underworld Shakedown in 1986.
 Their song-craft in creating memorable songs and their unique live performances gained them an always expanding fan club.
At the time their sound was a garage-psychedelic-rockabilly mix to be evolved with every new release.

In 1988 they release Heatwave with producer Peter Zaremba of the Fleshtones. The band is already known in US and Europe where they tour with success and they appear in garage compilations of the time.

In 1989 they release Time EP recorded in Berlin. The 3 songs are to be included later in the cd release of their next album Blood Nirvana with producer Paul B. Cutler of Dream Syndicate, Green on Red etc.

Here's Have Mercy from the Time EP of 1989

The 90s continue to be a success with tours all over Europe. In 1993 they release their next album, F*head Entropy, again with Paul B. Cutler as producer.
Last album for the 90s is Subliminal released in 1994 and the sound has evolved to grunge-neo psychedelic. Subliminal can easily take a place among the best grunge albums of the era.

Here's The Drop from Subliminal album

Last Drive suspend action as a group for a while to work on several side projects.
George Karanikolas, the guitar player, formed Blackmail and released 3 albums.

Here's Bad Reputation from Life after Death album of 1993

In 1998 Alex K, singer and bass player and Thanos Amorginos, guitar player formed The Earthbound with a more desert rock, surf orientation. They have released 4 albums and are still active.

Here's I'd do it Again from Brotherhood of the Dog album of 2004

Finally Last Drive were reunited in 2009 for live performances and released a new studio album in 2010, Heavy Liquid.

Here's A Glass of Broken Dreams from Heavy Liquid

A new unreleased song you can find here

Last Drive web site:

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