Saturday, March 12, 2011


A jazzy-progressive tune from an under-looked album.
In 1981 George Stefanakis releases his first album with singer Kostas Karalis. The lyrics (in Greek) were poems by Nobelist Rabindranath Tagore and Despina Tryantafyllou.

Stefanakis  is active since 1970 and has collaborated with many groups (Peloma Bokiou, Agapanthos, Nostradamos etc) and singers/composers (Moutsis, Tournas, Asimos etc).
Karalis collaborated with Lavranos, Mikroutsikos, Andriopoulos and others bur really became famous from the collaboration with Spanos in Triti Anthologia.
The song below comes from the album "Ela na stathoume adikry" and it's characterized by its groovy jazzy sound and the sitar played by Vasilis Rakopoulos.
The orchestration is credited to both Stefanakis and Karalis and there are some great musicians playing.

George Stefanakis - Poso me mageve

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