Saturday, March 19, 2011


Diamonds on her naked flesh (1972) is a Greek sexploitation movie by Omiros Eftratiadis.
Composer of the soundtrack is Andrew Prezas who started his career in the 60s and is still active. The soundtrack was never published and it is a shame as the music is super funky with great drum breaks.
So hoping that someone will do some mining and get this "diamond" released, here's 4 samples I extracted from the movie and did some audio editing to make the sound listenable. The titles are mine, derived from the plot...


1. Title Theme - Andrew Prezas (1972)

2. Bella - Andrew Prezas (1972)

3. A Better Life - Andrew Prezas (1972)

4. End Titles - Andrew Prezas (1972) (the only stereo track)


  1. teleio...oute pou eixa xanakousei t onoma tou... idiws to thema kai to end titles yperoha

  2. Greek exploitation films of the 70's provides many interesting stories. Even Brian Eno made his soundtrack debut in a Greek exploitation (Kostas Karagiani's The Devil's Men) Nice Post!


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