Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Contemporary Jazz

Enough with the "oldies" for the moment. The Greek jazz scene has to offer some contemporary excitements too!
George Fakanas, bass player and composer, has started in the 80s when he created the first jazz-fusion Greek band: Iskra, with whom released 2 albums.
He also contributed to many albums by famous Greek composers and issued several personal albums himself.
In 2010 he releases the album Interspirit with his own compositions and production featuring bass player Anthony Jackson. Actually this is Jackson's first recording.
The album has received a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album!

George Fakanas, Anthony Jackson - Footprints

Dimitris Kalantzis is a jazz piano player and teacher.
Member of National Orchestra of Greek Music (under direction of Stavros Xarhakos) since 1999.
His latest effort is a jazz tribute to Manos Hatzidakis music.
He has already completed recordings and the album is to be issued, hopefully, in the near future.
A sample here from a live show:

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