Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jazz Soundtracks 2+1

1. Lola (1964)

A movie by Dinos Dimopoulos with the great music of Stavros Xarhakos.
Xarhakos is a major Greek composer with lots of soundtrack and theatrical scores, Greek popular music and classical pieces. He became well know just a year before releasing Lola with another great soundtrack Red Lights.
Lola soundtrack is a smokin' jazz masterpiece.

Irma's Blues

2. Ace of Spades (Greek title: To Doloma) (1964)

Another great soundtrack for the movie of Alekos Sakelarios.
Composer is Kostas Kapnisis another great composer with more than 100 scores for movies and theatrical pieces. In 1967 he won the Gold Medal in Brazil Music Contest.

An Agreement with the Bate (Symfonia me to Doloma)

3. Media Luz (1976)

This is not actually a soundtrack but a concept album for a fantastic movie plot, a soundtrack without a movie.
Composer Loukianos Kilaidonis is closer than any other Greek composer to the New Orleans jazz idiom. In 1976 he released this "almost" soundtrack which was (and is) highly acclaimed. He actually visited New Orleans and played with several famous jazz musicians including Preservation Hall Jazz Band with whom he also released a live recording.

The song Media Luz (which actually consists of 2 songs) is the music played by the band when the hypothetical hero enters the bar Media Luz.

Media Luz

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