Monday, March 14, 2011


Vagelis Pitsiladis was the composer behind some 60s hits by Olympians but also some greek popular songs.
In the 70s he released two albums under the name Oasis (!!) in the euro-disco style, singing in English.
He has also numerous releases as Vagelis Pitsiladis (singing in Greek or English) and some very nice scores for films and TV series.

Below 3 different samples.
First coming from Oasis Lp Yes I Do (1978). It's a euro-disco instrumental.

Oasis - Tycoon (1978)

Second sample is from Oasis 1979 Lp Call Me Now. A more soulful track.

Oasis - Conquistador (1979)

Last one is from 1979 LP Vagelis Pitsiladis - Agapi Mou (My Love). It's a cinematic instrumental track which starts easy to become a nice psych groove.

Vagelis Pitsiladis - Fthinoporo (Autumn) (1979)

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