Thursday, March 3, 2011

They should have been stars

There are not many Greek stars who made it to go international and have the success and recognition that they might deserve. First in mind, of those who made it, come Demis Roussos, Nana Mouskouri and Vangelis. Not to mention Maria Callas.

Here you will find 3 great artists/groups who could and should have been stars (internationally). Even though they represent 3 different music styles and eras the main characteristic is they have charismatic singers.

1. Metempsychosis - Apocalypsis 

This is a progressive Greek band. They released their first album in 1980.
You can find album details here.
They used make up and costumes on their live sets (similar to Peter Gabriel style) and their singer, Giannis Palamidas, had a voice that resembled at times with Freddie Mercury's. 
Palamidas left after the first album and has collaborated with great Greek artists, like Lena Platonos and Konstantinos B while he has also released solo albums.
Vasilis Dertilis changed the scope of group in their second and last album and then he followed a career in Pop and music production.
The album is out of print but you can find a compilation of the 2 albums to buy here. Just note that only half of the songs are sung by Palamidas in this compilation.  

2. Precious Love - Dimitri

This is Dimitri Tambossis song from 1973. He was born in Hungary, lived in Greece, Paris and other places.
In Greece he joins 60s garage bands and he contributes with his great voice to some Greek soundtracks.
Here you can find his own web page with full discography and bio and here some info from Julian Cope's page.

3. Yochobine - Slow Motion

Slow Motion is a dark wave/electronic band from late 80s, early 90s. They released 2 albums in legendary label Wipe Out. The albums were re-issued on cd. They were singing in English and German.
The song below demonstrates clearly the span of singer's voice.

Finally let's hope that stars will be stars in the future. So here's a contemporary artist, in the beginning of her career. Singer, songwriter, piano, guitar player Monika.
Here's Monika on Myspace.

And here's Yes I Do from her second album Exit

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